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Breaded slice of meat

(Pork or turkey)

Ár: 2 600 Forint

Breaded pork stuffed with brains

Served with french fries

Ár: 2 850 Forint

Breaded mushroom heads filled with brains

Served with steamed rice

Ár: 2 350 Forint

Gyros plate with french fries and fresh mixed salad with yoghurt dressing

Pork or turkey

Ár: 2 890 Forint

Pork on sword

Garnished with letcho and slice potatoes

Ár: 3 790 Forint

Thököly bites

Thin pieces of meat with garlic and potatoes

Ár: 2 400 Forint

Giant pork "Viennese" style

With parsley potatoes

Ár: 2 990 Forint

Pork slices "Bakonyi" style

Paprika mushroom sauce with sour cream and homemade noodles

Ár: 2 690 Forint

Gipsy roast

with french frites

Ár: 2 930 Forint

Pork slices with homemade letcho and slice potatoes

Classical ancient Hungarian dish, the letcho makes the taste unforgettable

Ár: 2 890 Forint

Transylvanian mixed-grill on a wooden plate

With rice and parsley potatoes

Ár: 3 390 Forint

Kolozsvári stuffed cabbage

Ár: 2 890 Forint


Thin pieces of meat with the pungent smell of garlic, which gets more tasty by added smoked bacon and fried potatoes

Ár: 2 900 Forint

Pork medallions with forest mushroom ragout and creamy layered potatoes

"Wow, that's amazing!" - said Laci the Outlaw, when he tasted this dish 120 years ago. It is recommended for gourmands

Ár: 3 550 Forint

Pork leg "Jóasszony" style, with potatoes

For the lovers of Hungarian flavor - pork, bacon, onions, mushrooms

Ár: 3 650 Forint

Boiled and smoked pork leg

With horseradish

Ár: 3 150 Forint

VAT included!